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2010-06-18 01:53 am

Synopsis and Review: Avengers Prime #1

Title: Avengers Prime #1 (June 2010), 23 pages

Splash Page Summary: Norman Osborn's Siege is over and the reunited Avengers were triumphant. Steve Rogers, the man who was Captain America, is now in charge of the United States' security. But all this was not without cost. The great city of Asgard has fallen.

Credits: Brian Michael Bendis (writer); Alan Davis (penciler); Mark Farmer (inker); Javier Rodriguez (colorist); Chris Eliopoulos (letters & production); Lauren Sankovitch (associate editor); Tom Bevroot (editor); Joe Quesada (editor in chief); Dan Buckley (publisher); Alan Fine (executive producer)

Synopsis and Review...(Spoilers Behind This Cut)... )

I'm looking forward to the next issue, and I'd definitely recommend picking this title up. You can always go to Comic Shop Locator to find a Marvel shop near you if you don't already have a favorite haunt.

See you next time!

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